Make way for evolution! Modern, sober, technological...

After 150 years of 2-dimensional photography, the 3D process has finally arrived.

Engrave your most beautiful memories in crystal, keeping in mind “Belgium is quality”.

An immutable memory that engraves your company events, see our “business solutions” send your images on to receive your project.

Come and discover the technology that allows you to engrave your image, or that of your loved ones, in superb crystal cubes or illuminated plates that light up the engraved image.

Engraving Face

A craftsman's work Just like goldsmiths, we consider each cube as a unique element and do our utmost to ensure that your engraving will personalise your interior for ever!

2D engraving

Give your photos a sparkle. The engraved image will sparkle on its illuminated base - a great way to give new life to your most cherished memories.

3D engraving

Personalised engraving in crystal to immortalise your favourite photos in 2 and 3 dimensional blocks and plates placed on a luminous base. For all occasions, Christmas, parties, birthdays, weddings, births, christenings

Business Solution

Looking for an original way to present your project? Or simply engrave your logo on a crystal block?

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